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Application for extension of the validity of certificate (exemption)

Due to high dissemination of disease, SSE sees that there is still a need for exemptions related to the pandemic. The exemption scheme will be ended in full 31 May 2022. (If there are no dramatic changes)

Persons who have an expiry date on the certificate in March, April or May 2022 can apply for an extension of the validity of the certificate.

To get an extension of the certificate, one of the following must be met:

  • you are signed up at a course but are prevented from participating due to quarantine/isolation.


  • the course you are signed up at get cancelled due to Covid


  • there are no available courses

If you have been sign up for a course, this must be documented.

Application shall be sent to post@ttsoft.no and must contain the following information: 

  • Name
  • Certificate no
  • Grounds for extension

Information updated 02.03.2022

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New personnel certificates

SSE has got a new logo and profile.

Personnel certificates issued after 1. October 2020 (NS 9600:2020) also has a new design.

The certificates are customized to show at phones. 

Nytt personsertifikat

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