After completing the course and examination, SSE performs a verification of fullfilledment  of requirements.
If all requirements are fulfilled, a certificate is issued. The certificate has a duration of 3 years.

The status of the certificate can be verified in CertaSoft or by sending an inquiry to post@ttsoft.no.

Expired certificate

If it is less than 24 months since the expiration date on your certificate, you can still attend an ordinary course at the equivalent level or one level higher. (Does not apply to recertification)

For expired Safety Supervisor certificate, the following applies:

If it is less than 24 months since the expiry date of the certificate: Ordinary Safety Supervisor course (corresponding to level 3). You do not need to complete a new trainee period.

If it is more than 24 months and less than 60 months since the expiration date, a new course at level 3 and a new trainee period must be completed.

Suspension and withdrawal of certificate

Suspension and withdrawal is a form of reaction SSE can use if a person does not meet the requirements.

In case of suspension, the certificate is invalidated for a limited period.

In the case of withdrawal, the certificate will be invalidated.

The holder of the certificate will be notified in advance. In serious situations, SSE may proceed to immediate suspension or withdrawal of the certificate.

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