Admission requirements

In order to attend courses, one must fulfil the admission requirements of the different levels. Any accrued hours must have been accrued during the last 5 years.

By re-certification candidate can complete the examination a maximum of six months before the expiry date of the current certificate.

The courses are physically demanding and good general physical fitness, strength and coordination is a prerequisite for being able to complete the course.

All course participants must have passed a health check with a doctor and possess a health certificate before the course. The health certificate must not be older than 3 years. "Offshore health certificate" and "SSE health certificate" (Download health certificate) are valid health certificates for Rope Access Technique. Other medical certificates issued by a doctor may be used.

Level 1
Level 2 model 1
Level 2 model 2 (Direct entry. If you have other relevant experience)
Level 3
Safety Supervisor
Conversion from other organizations