Certification of companies

In NS 9600 there are two company certifications:

NS 9600-4:2020 Requirements for training companies

NS 9600-5:2020 Requirements for service companies

Training companies

Certified training companies are qualified to conduct courses for persons who wish to become certified in accordance with NS 9600.

Service companies (companies that offer services)

Certified service companies are qualified to provide Rope access service in accordance with NS 9600.

The certification is valid for 3 years.

The certification scheme requires monitoring of the certificate a minimum of 2 times during the certificate period.


Application for certification and certification contract

Companies that wish to become certified must apply for certification. Application form is available for download here(In norwegian only). Pleace send completed form to post@ttsoft.no 

Certification process companies

When the application is received, the company and SSE are entering into a contract. The certification contract has a duration of 3 years.

Conformity assessment. The company must carry out a conformity assessment to identify that all requirements in the standard are covered in the company's management system. The company will be sent a separate form to be used for this purpose.

Document review. When the company has completed the conformity assessment, this is sent with associated documentation to SSE. This forms the basis for the document review. This is an audit that SSE carries out without the company being present. Nonconformities must be closed before an audit of the company is agreed.

Auditors visit. Audits are carried out at the company. When any nonconformities in connection with the audit are closed, a certificate with a validity of 3 years is issued.

Monitoring of certificate. During the certificate's validity period, there is a requirement for a minimum of 2 revisions. For service companies, these audits shall be carried out in projects where the rope access is carried out and for the training companies, the audits shall be carried out at the training companies facilities.