Personnel certification NS 9600NA Pers 020

SOFT sertifisering AS ("SSE") certifies and issues certificates to personnel according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 1. "NS 9600 - Rope access techniques" is national certification standarder for Rope access techniques.

SSE is accredited by the Norwegian Accreditation as certification body for personnel and complies with the requirements of NS-EN ISO/IEC 17024. The accreditation number is: PERS 020


Company certification NS 9600

SOFT Sertifisering certifies training companies according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 3 and companies that deliver rope access services according to the requirements in NS 9600 part 4. The company certification is not accredited.

SOFT Sertifisering AS is a third party independent certification body, which is 100% owned by SOFT (Samarbeidsorganet for tilkomstteknikk - The norwegian trade organization for rope access)

Close to 1500 people have a valid certificate according to NS 9600


Soft Sertifisering accredited

SOFT Sertifisering has just been accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17024 “General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”. NS-EN ISO 17024 is one of several accreditation standards in the 17000 family. This accreditation is used for laboratories, certification bodies, inspection agencies, etc.

The Norwegian Accreditation website states the following about accreditation: “Accreditation is the official recognition of an organization’s competence and ability to perform specific tasks in accordance with specified requirements.” This implies that the authorities recognize our certification scheme.

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Have you got a new employer or changed your e-mail address?

Have you got a new employer or changed your e-mail address?

It is important that your personal information in CertaSoft is up to date!

Everybody with access to CertaSoft can change employer status and contact information in CertaSoft. It is important that this information is accurate. If your employer status is wrong, your employer does not have access to necessary documents/information in CertaSoft. 

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